The Way of the Bow (Quotes)

For my first article in english, i would like to talk about a book written by one of my favorite author of all the time: Paulo Coelho. A genius man, that always speaks to my soul through his work. I like to call him "The Master" just because, he used to say : " A master is not someone who teaches something but someone who inspires the student to do his best to discover a knowledge he already has in his soul", and that's how i feel about him, every time i read one of his book.

The Way of the Bow, is one of P.C.'s books, not the most famous, but a richfull, and a golden one (just like all his books, I must confess lol). Each line speaks volumes about how great, wiser and intelligent is the author. In this book, he compares, life to a bow = the source of all energythe arrow to the intention, that will leave us one day, the target to the objective to be reached, the goal, which is a long way off and the archer can be any of us.

Sometimes, when I feel lost, i read it. And each time seems like the first time, because I always found in it, a way out ! more strength and attitude to pursue my line, that's why I would like to share with you some of these quotes. Take your time to read it, open your heart to feel it and follow the way of your bow :

"Join with all those who experiment, take risks, fall, get hurt and then take more risks"

"Join with those who sing, tell stories, take pleasure in life, and have joy in their eyes, because joy is contagious and can prevent others from becoming paralysed by depression, loneliness and difficulties"

"A bow has no conscience, a bow is flexible but it has its limits. In order to understand your bow (life) it must become a part of your harm and an extension of your thoughts"

"Even if the arrow (your intention, your purpose) fails to hit the target, you will learn how to improve your aim next time. If you never take risks you will never know what changes you need to make"

"The target (the objective to be reached) can be larger, smaller, to the right or the left, but you always have to stand before it, respect it and bring it closer mentally"

"Once you have understood the bow, the arrow and the targert, you must have the serenity and elegance necessary to learn how to shoot. Elegance is not something superficial, but the way in which a man can do honour to his life and his work"

"Just as the archer (you or me) justifies the existence of the target (the objective to be reached), so the arrow (the intention) justifies the existence of the bow (life)"

"Use you bad moments to discover what makes you tremble. Use your good moments to find your road to inner peace. But do not stop either out of fear or joy: the way of the bow has no end"

" The way of the bow (life) is the way of joy and enthusiasm, of perfection and error, of technique and instinct. But you will only learn this if you keep shooting yours arrows (intentions)."

"How can i know that i'm doing the right fight? that i'm holding the bow correctly? Visualise the perfect master always by your side and do everything to revere him and to honour his teachings. This master, whom people call "God", he deserves the best.